Our history

Founded in 1983, based in San Clemente, CA USA

A long history of innovation.

For over 40 years, Swift Engineering’s design and manufacturing innovations have produced championship-winning racecars and next-generation aviation and aerospace designs and components.

Company Founded

To design and manufacture race cars to compete in motorsports.


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Rolling Wind Tunnel

Swift builds the largest most advanced rolling wind tunnel in North America.


IndyCar Success

Designed and built IndyCar chassis that won its debut race with Michael Andretti.


Formula Atlantic

Awarded exclusive motorsport chassis designer and manufacturer of the Formula Atlantic series for 11 years.


Swift Takes Flight

Diversified into aerospace/aviation markets.



Killer Bee

Designed, built and delivered the runway- independent Killer Bee blended wing UAV and its mobile launch/retrieval system

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Speed For Atlantic

Designed, built, and delivered 40 Formula Atlantic open-wheel race cars in 240 days


Eclipse Concept Jet

Designed and built single engine business jet from concept to first flight in 200 days.

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Formula Nippon

Awarded exclusive motorsport chassis designer and manufacturer of the Formula Nippon Series.



Killer Bee Acquired by NGC

Northrop Grumman buys Swift Engineering’s Killer Bee UAV product line, which becomes the Bat UAS.

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JEC Americas Innovation Award

Swift Engineering receives JEC Americas Innovation Award for its out of autoclave process.


NGC Supplier of the Year

Northrop Grumman Small Business Supplier of the Year, awarded from 1500 suppliers


Fire Scout UAS

Northrop Grumman Fire Scout UAS Nosecone


Global Hawk

Northrop Grumman Global Hawk

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World Class Team Award

World class team award presented for outstanding support as a Northrop Grumman team member.


Swift Crane VTOL UAS

Swift designed and developed the Swift Crane VTOL UAS Featuring X-Blade Technology.

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Echo Voyager Submarine XLUUV

Swift Engineering supported the design and build of the Boeing Echo Voyager.


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SpaceX Iridium Dispenser

Swift manufactured the Iridium Satellite constellation dispensers.

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HIRO Robot

Telepresence Robotic Operations.

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JMR Defiant Helicopter

A major portion of the airframe structure was designed and manufactured at Swift’s facility in San Clemente, California by an integrated team comprised of Swift and Boeing employees (press release March 2015)

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Swift Autopilot Software

Swift developed its proprietary autopilot software to be used with its unmanned systems.



Structural, detailed design and manufacturing design to realize stringent profile tolerance requirement.
Laminated and assembled nose and duct supporting program requirements.


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Swift021 VTOL UAS

Fully electric VTOL UAS utilizing patented X-blade Technology™. No additional launch and recovery systems required. Military and commercial applications.


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FARA Raider-X Helicopter

Swift Engineering is working with Sikorsky on FARA Raider-X helicopter.
A major portion of the airframe structure is designed and manufactured at Swift’s facility in San Clemente, California.

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Design and Manufacture Affordable Atmospheric Satellite. Collaboration with NASA to build affordable alternative to satellites. 72 ft solar-powered UAS, weighs <180 lbs & carries up to 15 lbs payload. Operate unmanned at 70,000 ft for 3+ days.

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