Swift Crane VTOL UAS

The world’s most advanced transitional VTOL UAS

Customer: RnD
Industry: Commercial & Defense
Services: Design, Engineering, Analysis, and Manufacturing
Patented X-blade Technology™​

The Swift Crane UAS is a vertical takeoff and land turnkey solution. Utilizing patented X-blade Technology, our transitional VTOL is up to 80% faster surveying operations than terrestrial surveying and 15X more coverage per flight compared to a multi-rotor.

No additional launch and recovery systems

The Swift Crane never needs additional launch and recovery systems and can vertically take-off and land in any 50’x50′ space. Get the take-off and landing capabilities of a multi-rotor with the flight efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft. The Swift Crane is fully electric, provides a flight endurance of up to 2 hours and an operational range of +40 miles.

Landing Simulation - Stress Test

In an effort to evaluate a lower-cost 3D printed battery mount, an explicit worst-case landing was simulated on the Swift Crane UAV incorporating the revised design using Hypermesh Radios. The landing simulation was run for approximately 0.4 seconds and captured the peak g loading experienced by the aircraft. Post-processing of the maximum stress on the battery mounts validated the design.

Swift Crane LC3 Landing Animation

Versatile and Modular

The Swift Crane meets conventional military standards for ruggedness and reliability. In addition, the Swift Crane is a fully modular unmanned system that allows for interchangeable batteries, parts, and payloads for greater flexibility, performance, and safety.