Eclipse Concept Jet

Blank sheet to test flight | 23 weeks

Customer: Eclipse Aviation
Industry: Commercial Aerospace
Services: Design, Engineering, Analysis &  Manufacturing
Build a single-engine business jet in 200 days to first flight

Swift Engineering was commissioned to design, consult and build a single-engine business jet in 200 days to first flight. This project included conceptual design (CAD), sizing, vehicle architecting, analysis (CFD, FEA), detailed design drawings, and wind-tunnel testing.

Advanced Composite Manufacturing

All the design, including interiors, was completed at Swift’s state-of-the-art design studio in San Clemente, California. All the composite tooling and parts were fabricated and assembled in San Clemente at Swift’s advanced composite manufacturing center.

No Longer Just a Concept

The Eclipse 400 was first publicly unveiled on 23 July 2007 at AirVenture as the Eclipse Concept Jet (ECJ). The Eclipse 400 is a small, four-passenger airplane with an all-composite airframe and the latest in avionics technology. The Eclipse 400 design featured one engine and a V-tail similar to the Cirrus Jet.

The aircraft was intended to compete with the Cirrus Vision SF50, the Piper PA-47 PiperJet, the Epic Victory, and the Diamond D-Jet in the single-engine jet market.