Built from racing destined to fly

Swift Engineering is a speed-driven, innovation company providing products, technologies, and fully integrated product development solutions from ideation to market.

The Company We Keep

We strive to be the best product development company, providing world-class products and services through continuous innovation and excellence.

Integrate with your teams

Pivot as needed

Scale to the task at hand

Performance & scale methodology

Assess the situation on the ground

Tackling your toughest technical problems

Always, adapt

Passionate about helping you build

Divisions, Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures

We Invest In Our Technology

These represent Swift’s investments in our internal product lines, technology opportunities, and service offerings that sit within our core business unit.

Swift Tactical Systems

Swift Tactical Systems

Subsidiary of Swift


Unmanned systems and services for militaries, governments and municipalities.




Japanese Subsidiary


Unmanned services & technology innovation within Japan & Africa.


Swift Global Comm

Swift Global Comm

Division of Swift


SULE UAS - 24/7 Active persistent monitoring, subscription data products and analytics.

Swift Robotics

Swift Robotics

Division of Swift


Transforming human interaction, telepresence, and collaboration with machines.

Hyper Kelp

Hyper Kelp

Joint Venture


Hosted payload buoys that collect, process and transmit data from the maritime layer.



Innovation at our core

Explore our heritage of innovation and our evolution from designing and building the best race cars on the planet to creating the best aerospace products in the sky and outer space.