Product development

We provide solutions that accelerate the development of intelligent vehicles & advanced systems.

from ideation to market for over 40 years

We partner with you to turn ideas into market-changing products. Our end-to-end product development services span concept design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing. Whether creating a new cutting-edge product or updating an existing one, we are ready to build the impossible.

Product Development Capabilities​​

Product development experience from prototype to complete vehicle architecture and packaging.

Steps For Success

Product development workflow.


Dream Big

Spark innovation during product ideation and planning.

Define your product’s mission and requirements. Then, get your concept off the ground and move in the right direction. Your product will be ready when you are.


Conceptual Design

Design for success with essential trade studies and analysis.

Every product starts with an idea. Swift Engineering provides design, analysis, and trade studies to bring it to life. Get optimized solutions per your requirements for design, manufacturing, and production. Now, it’s time to start building your future.


Technical Understanding

Systems engineering provides you with a more resilient product.

Building advanced and sophisticated systems is an art that requires multiple teams, disciplines, and components. Ensure a precise integration of project aspects with our ability and understanding of technical and human-centered disciplines.


Detailed Engineering

Detailed engineering provides a precise definition of every aspect of your product.

Understand the full definition of every aspect during your project’s development. Get studies performed for better structural optimization, analysis, design for manufacturability, and nondestructive inspections. We will get your project completed on time and within budget.


Manufacturing Process

Our engineering and manufacturing teams work together to develop manufacturing processes that work.

We understand and know how to create manufacturing processes. Our engineers don’t just pass off your project after they have engineered it. Instead, our engineers work hand-in-hand to craft your product to perfection with our manufacturing teams.



Evaluate, enhance and analyze your product by having us build your prototypes, test articles, and demonstrators.

Proof-of-principle to functional prototypes, we understand that moving quickly and being first to market is an important task. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are prototyping specialists and are here to serve you.



Strategically produce a better product more swiftly and with higher quality.

This final stage of manufacturing allows us to develop your production plan, significantly improving the production flow and resulting in an efficient product production process.


Rate Manufacturing​

We can increase production quickly when needed for rapid fleet and surge manufacturing.

Time to scale up. Increase product output and meet sudden and massive demand with ease. Our experience with rate manufacturing can let you rest easy knowing you will be able to scale up and down as needed.


Global Support

We’ve got you covered wherever your product may take you.

Our global footprint allows us to provide field support, services, and repairs anywhere in the world.

Success Together

Ready to reach new heights? Let's get there together.

Swift Engineering has a proven track record working with the world’s largest brands and 40+ years of experience. We deliver innovative product development services & manufacturing experiences. Contact us today to get your project started.