Swift DB1 Racecar

Formula Ford Changed forever

In the 100-year-plus history of motorsport, some cars stand out as landmarks of the sport. The Swift DB1 is such a car. It changed the Formula Ford class forever. Dave Bruns, the designer of the Swift DB1, had the vision to bring Formula 1 technology to racers on a Formula Ford budget. The SwiftDB1 had a lowered front, a needle nose, and wide tracks with suspension units tucked out of the airstream, with a more extended, narrower, and stiffer chassis. Alex Cross, RK Smith, Paul White and Dave Burns created Swift Cars to bring burns vision to life. The DB1’s aerodynamic design produced the lowest drag ever seen in a Formula Ford, giving it a substantial top-speed advantage. Its wide track allowed it to brake later and corner faster and, with more excellent stability, the DB1 was easier to drive than the other, older cars.