Structural Analysis Trade Studies

Swift Engineering has collaborated with world-class prime contractors for over 40 years, explicitly focused on structural integrity and manufacturing issues within the aerospace, marine, UAV, and recreational markets.


Leverage our structural expertise to quickly develop optimized conceptual layouts or detailed structural designs early in the design phase of programs saving cost and schedule.

A cross-disciplinary approach including design, analysis, and manufacturing assures a working design through the entire development process for a finished structure that meets all critical requirements.


Perform high level to detailed trade studies that consider all the critical aspects of functional structures, including:


Classical Iterative Multiple Variable Objective Analysis Using:


Trade Study Process

Problem Definition

Through discussions with the customer, define trade study goals, constraints, loads, allowables, geometry, analysis methodologies, safety factors, etc

Feasibility Studies

Brainstorm various concepts and use bounding hand calcs to check the feasibility of multiple layouts/materials and down select concepts

Trade Analysis

Detailed analysis of the various potential solutions investigation the resultant manufacturing, weight, and cost pro’s and cons of each

Rank Solutions

Compare and rank the solutions to customer priorities

Report Results

Communicate detailed results and ranking and provide recommendations to the customer

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Swift Engineering has a proven track record working with the world’s largest brands and 40+ years of experience. We deliver best-in-class structural analysis trade studies. Contact us today to get your project started.