NightWing UAS

Group 1 fully electric, long-range unmanned arieal system (UAS)

Customer: RnD
Industry: Defense
Services: Design, Engineering, Analysis, and Manufacturing
Developed In Partnership With the DoD

Swift developed the NightWing to be a Group 1 fully electric, long-range UAS with a detachable payload bay and small footprint under a DOD SBIR Phase I and II, plus internal funding.

Long-endurance persistent ISR

The NightWing design was focused on low-cost, but highly efficient for long-endurance persistent ISR capabilities at a small footprint. We included a unique detachable payload bay, making it truly interchangeable. This has a 4.5+ hr endurance, <20 lbs, a 2-5 lb payload, fits in one <50 lb case, and is hand-launched.

NightWing Videos