Fortus UAS

Tube-launch unmanned aerial system (UAS)

Customer: RnD
Industry: Defense
Services: Design, Engineering, Analysis, and Manufacturing
Fortus Tube-launch UAS Flying
Modular to accept many DoD payloads

The Swift Fortus UAS is a fixed-wing tube-launch that leverages folding aircraft technology funded and developed internally by Swift’s research and development program. The current Swift Fortus is a 7lb, 6.5-ft wingspan, 4-ft length UAV that folds into a 6″ diameter tube. This configuration has hundreds of recorded launches, is modular to accept many DoD payloads, and is ready to be developed to customer specifications. In addition, the platform can scale to standard launch tube sizes such as 3″ dia, 4-7/8″ dia, and 6″ dia.

Lightweight & reliable operations

The Swift Fortus provides lightweight, reliable operations by deploying a highly efficient spring-loaded main wing and aerodynamically unfolds an outboard wing section.

Fortus Launch

High Speed Reactionary ISR

The high aspect ratio wing provides a highly efficient aircraft. Its quiet motor allows the Swift Fortus to fly undetected before a mission engagement. The aircraft has been tested and verified. This configuration is designed for high-speed reactionary ISR.

Fortus Tube Launch UAS Videos