Banshee UAS

Highly portable fully electric transitional VTOL unmanned aerial system (UAS)

Customer: RnD
Industry: Defense
Services: Design, Engineering, Analysis, and Manufacturing
Worlds fastest quad-copter

Designed initially to beat the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest quad-copter, the Swift Banshee is a fully electric transitional VTOL UAS that pitches 90 degrees to forward flight.

Single operator & fits in a backpack

The entire system is one man portable with the aircraft about the size of a football. The Banshee leverages the benefits of aircraft speed, deployment simplicity and control authority (in hover) of a rotorcraft.


Precision strike UAS

The Banshee airframe is a stiff, lightweight structure designed to scale with cost and production demand. The VTOL to fast horizontal flight transition can be used for fast kinetic kills at the squad, platoon or company level. With a system weight of <10-20 lbs. and lethal payloads of about 1-10 lbs., Banshee can provide precision strike against enemy ground assets up to 10 miles away. With 4 propellers spinning at more than 42,000 rpm, the Banshee earns its namesake due to a distinct otherworldly scream. Banshee can transition from hover to forward flight and back. With a high alpha cruise mode, it can also loiter at low speeds for up to 15 minutes. The 12-24” long airframe and detachable flight surfaces make the Banshee highly portable allowing it to be carried in a backpack for ease of transport, quick setup and rapid response.

Banshee Videos