Swift Engineering is a world-class integration company that provides product development, research and development (R&D), build-to-print, and manufacturing services. We combine specialized engineering expertise with on-site technical support to help solve positioning challenges for any autonomy level.

Seamless Integration

We understand the complexity and scale of our client’s operations, simplify our customers’ challenges and seamlessly integrate our best-in-class engineering and manufacturing teams into existing or new projects.

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contract integration services

World-class Integration Services

Swift Engineering provides mission-critical engineering, manufacturing, integration, and assemblies to the Department of Defense (DoD), governments, and public and private companies.

Our unmatched industry reputation for delivering reliable, quality, and flexible solutions is something we stand behind.

Integration Across the Development Process

The current processes and interdisciplinary operations, such as building materials, mechanics, electronics, and software, must be seamlessly embedded when innovating the next generation of advanced technologies and complex products.

Our expert teams have the skills and experience to integrate technologies, quality, costs, and requirements to complement each other, so an innovative and next-generation product can emerge.

seamless integration