Eclipse Concept Jet

Blank sheet to test flight | 23 weeks

Swift Engineering was commissioned to design and build a single engine business jet in 200 days to first flight. This included conceptual design, sizing, vehicle architecting, analysis (CFD, FEA), detailed design, and wind-tunnel testing . All of the design, including interiors was completed at Swift’s state of the art design studio in San Clemente, California. All the composite tooling and parts were also fabricated and assembled in San Clemente at Swift’s Advanced Composite Manufacturing Center.

Killer Bee

Swift Engineering designed and manufactured a series of unmanned aerial vehicles, producing 8 versions in 9 years.

Formula Atlantic

In our continuous involvement for over 10 years, Swift provided a greater understanding of what’s required of a high-performance vehicle to excel in a “spec” racing environment. 

In 2006, Swift Engineering made motorsports history by starting from a clean sheet and designing, testing, and manufacturing 40 open-wheel race cars for Formula Atlantic Series in 240 days, delivering all cars on the same day.